Diabetes  Nutritional Supplements

Diabetes Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional Tips Nutritional Supplements for Diabetes Type II

We generally use the term diabetes as whole but in fact there are two types of diabetes, Type I and Type II diabetes. In the type I diabetes body produces no or very less insulin while in diabetes type II body though body produces enough insulin (or little insulin) but due to some unknown reasons it cannot use the insulin effectively, this what we experts call insulin resistance and this is type is commonly found. Some common cause of type 2 diabetes are older age, obesity, family history of diabetes, previous history of gestational diabetes, physical inactivity, and ethnicity while in 80% diabetic patients it develops due to obesity or overweighting. The effects of type II diabetes cannot be controlled by weight and exercise but health experts recommend a balanced diet as well. To control you diabetes you can remove the foods from your diet that can increase the level of glucose into your body, you can take first step by eliminating carbohydrate foods you can replace them with complex carbohydrates or fiber rich foods.

Though diabetic patients feel hunger after small time intervals but in case they cannot take care or the essential nutrients to control their sugar level then there are many nutritional supplements on the shelves of health market; Fiber rich nutritional supplements are good they help the body to quickly produce the insulin, you need to make sure that as a diabetic patient you at least take 20 grams of fiber each day.

Protein is also a god nutrient for a good diabetes diet plan, protein supplements are easily available in the market and you can take a daily intake of 10%-20% but not more than this. Diabetic patients should be away from fat foods and their fat diet should be less than 30% of the total daily diet while saturates fats consumption should not be more than 10%.

This is true that diabetes control itself is simple the control that makes is tough for you is the control on your healthy lifestyle; nutritional supplements are helping people to fulfill their essential nutritional requirement and achieve their health goals.

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Nutritional Supplement for Diabetes Type II

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