2008  September  Herb Garden World

2008 September Herb Garden World

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The fragrance of herbs, flowers and spices can be captured all year round in the form of sachets and pot-pourri. Closets and linen can be kept smelling sweet and fresh. Since herbs and flowers can grow everywhere they can be gathered and dried mixed with essential oils and fixatives to make their scents last.

An old but popular method of dried flowers and leaves presentation the pot-pourri is an elegant way to produce the combinations of fragrant and often mysterious aromas. Once the base sent has be chosen (e.g. Rose petals), then other leaves (e.g. lovage, lavender, bay, rosemary, southernwood), flowers (e.g. orange blossom, lavender, violets, chamomile) and spices (e.g. cinnamon, sandalwood, vanilla pod) can be added. You can choose a floral, spicy or a combination pot- pourri.

Once you have your favorite combination then you could add a few drops of essential oil that will reinforce your particular fragrance. Finally you will need to use a fixative (orris root) to hold the perfume much longer than the flowers would naturally. Now is time to place the pot-pourri into a suitable container, presentation is equally important, (e. g. urn, ceramic pot, china) and is ready to use.

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Extra fresh basil leaves to garnish

Combine basil leaves, pine nuts, Parmesan cheese and garlic in a food processor or mortar and puree.

Start adding the oil while continuing to puree until all of the oil has been used. Pesto is great with pasta, potatoes or as a spread on toasted bread. Garnish with extra fresh leaves.Pesto sauce can keep up to two weeks in the refrigerator.

My knowledge about herbs began as a little child..... I now practice the use of herbs in naturopathic medicine and I love their more than impressive case histories accumulated over the years. I have a deep interest in self-sufficiency, well-being and the abundance of information of ancient and modern knowledge and folklore in the use of herbs for well-being, craft, cosmetics and cookery.

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