Acai Berry Select ReviewDoes Acai Berry Select Really Work?

Acai Berry Select ReviewDoes Acai Berry Select Really Work?

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Acai Berry Select Review – Does Acai Berry Select Really Work?

Today I´ll take an unbiased look at this big issue and give you an honest Acai Berry Select Review.

Acai Berry Select claims to help the big need in increasing the fat oxidation and fight fatigue. Now we want to take a look on that, to see if this is the truth.

Some people with frustrations in losing weight, find it impossible simply by diet and frequent exercise. Though best efforts are done to regain or control their life, without this unwanted weight.

Sometimes it worsens the situation. But currently, many fat burning foods or weight loss supplements are showing in the market like mushrooms. They are more than useful in gaining positive results happened with such weight loss help just like Acai Berry.

It is used as main ingredient in Acai Berry Select Weight Loss Formula, that is being raved by health experts and nutritionists as one of the health benefits of Acai Berry.

Acai Berry Select Review – Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Select

Acai berries are fruits of Amazonian Acai Palms found in the rainforest and harvested by Brazilians over the years, as their staple food and for their rejuvenating and detoxifying properties.

It was given with the name “super-fruit” for its many health benefits packed in one fruit. Acai Berry extract has combinations of nutrients with health promoting one time-saving in easy-to-take capsules.

The Acai Berry Select formula is known to be an established and reputable, high quality product, with delivery and money back guarantees at their website  a company located in Gendale, CA.

Does Acai Berry Select Really Work?

Acai Berry Select claims to help the big need in increasing the fat oxidation and fight fatigue, and therefore will be seen as some of the Acai Berry health benefits.

The main components found in each capsules are:

Green Tea Antioxidant and accelerates metabolism

L-theanine Helps with mental and physical stress

These ingredients are also good in controlling sugar level, body temperature and appetite.

Acai Berry Select is undoubtedly containing components, that make it a good and effective diet pill for weight loss management. The variety of helpful ingredients gives a persons money,  worthy for single purpose pill to a multi-purpose one.

Take a peek on the Acai Berry Select Website here

The downside of Acai Berry Select through reviews given, is that it is only new in the market and no available FDA result and no specialized studies conducted in pregnant women.

It is advised by most nutritionist for children’s below 12 years old and pregnant women to not consume Acai berries.

Another flaw of this product is that, it does not permanently solve your weight problem and has trace amount of caffeine which causes sleeplessness and high-strung nerve. It also has no celebrity or TV show that endorses this product.

Despite the listing of these product ingredients, several issues still sticks with this.

They don’t have a reliable person to credibly endorse the efficacy of the weight loss supplement after all the good points it has.

Still the decision is on the consumer’s side but before taking any pills or supplements. Please do not forget to always consult your trusted physician to for advantages and disadvantages of these products for you personally.

We all have bodily problems that physicians are the only one who knows well what the best supplements are out in the market. You may also research for yourself for available weight loss reviews for personal knowledge.

Review Stars of Acai Berry Select

Snippets of real life customers of Acai Berry Select  reviews taken from

….”I began taking this product the end of September and at first had not noticed any results. About the 3rd week of taking the pills I started to notice myself loosing weight. Now that we are in the beginning of November and have lost a total of 19lbs, 2 pants sizes, and a total of 8in’ from all over”…..

- Karen Dunsons Acai Berry Select review, November 9. 2010

“This product, though touted as a weight loss supplement, had no visible effects

that I am aware of or can see”…..

- B. Norris´Acai Berry Select review, October 5. 2010

“This product did nothing for me. On week four and haven’t lost an ounce! I would not purchase again!!”

- Carr76´s Acai Berry Select review, August 19. 2010

Outch… Anyway it has one good review and four not so positive reviews on Amazon.

But of course it is hard to tell if it is representative for all users, but the product is still on the market so it has to have some good effects.

People wants to have results in a very short time,but if they eat candy, Burgers and other unhealthy food and drinks alle the time, then not even magic  can help them lose weight.

That was everything for now from my product reviews. Hope this Acai Berry Select review has given you the opportunity to chose if the product is worth buying or a product to avoid.

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Acai Berry Select Review – Does Acai Berry Select Really Work?

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