An Authoritarian Parenting Style can Yield Positive Results

An Authoritarian Parenting Style can Yield Positive Results

Authoritarian parenting style is one of the few parenting styles that a parent can adhere to while bringing up the child. This parenting style implies being quite strict with the child. Harsh and punitive discipline is an intrinsic part of bringing up your child. Should he make a blunder, no indulgence is admissible - he should be strictly punished. One thing is for sure, an authoritarian parenting style can yield positive results if handled properly.

It is an open secret that it is quite a challenge to bring up the child for him to subsequently become a nice and well-founded person. It stands to reason that much effort on the part of the parents is required to secure the success of the upbringing process. It is utterly important that each and every parent realizes how crucial it is to select the right parenting style and follow t directly.

If you should deviate from the chosen path, your child might become confused and he will no longer know what rules to obey and what directions to follow. It has to be bore in mind that while choosing the style of parenting you should take into consideration the individual peculiarities of your character. Thus, if you are a determined, well-disciplined person, then authoritarian parenting style might be just the right option for you. Authoritarian parenting style is one of the popular ways to raise children.

It stands out from the rest of parenting styles as it requires a great share of discipline both no the part of the parent and on the part of the child. If you have fixed your choice on the authoritarian parenting style than you should always be quite strict with a child. In no circumstances can you let your emotions and love that you definitely have for your child overrule your initial inner setting for reasoning. Harsh and punitive discipline is an inseparable part of the authoritarian parenting style.

Authoritarian style parents can be described as highly demanding to themselves and their offspring. They expect unconditional obedience. Their orders and directions are to be followed without any argument or explanation. Authoritarian style parents are first and foremost obedience-oriented. The upbringing environment of the authoritarian parenting style implies directly and expressly stated rules, the breach of which by the child will inevitably be followed by harsh punitive measures.

The clearly cut rules are there to stay and the child knows exactly what will follow their breach, thus it is his personal decision whether to overstep the border or not. Speaking about authoritarian style parents, they can be generally subdivided into directive, but non-authoritarian, and directive authoritarian. The former do impose certain rules on the child which are to be respected and obeyed, however, they are not at all intrusive. As regards the latter, they are not only directive, but also intrusive. The major drawback of authoritarian style parents is the fact that they are highly unemotional and not at all responsive.

This can have a negative influence on the child''s fragile little mind. He would be simply scared to bother his authoritative parents and share with them whatever his on his mind. This gradually leads to the child becoming an irreparable introvert and in his further independent life he is not likely to come out of his shell.

The level of psychological control in the Authoritarian parenting style is very high, which may result in the lowered self-esteem in the child.

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