Does Nutrition during pregnancy affect the baby’s IQ and health drastically?

Does Nutrition during pregnancy affect the baby’s IQ and health drastically?

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Does Nutrition during pregnancy affect the baby’s IQ and health drastically?

I hate the sight and smell of food and am eating much less than I ate before getting pregnant. I am 13 weeks along and for about 6 weeks in the middle I threw up everything. I dont throw up as much now but am still not eating like I should.

I drink one glass of milk everyday. I eat 3 soaked almonds,dates,dried figs,pistachios daily.

I make sure to eat about 2 types of fruits daily or sometimes 1.

I eat bread,one cup of tea,an egg, light lunch and dinner,but hardly any green veggies.

What do you think about my diet?

Does nutrition really count when it comes to the baby inside the womb for its IQ, birth defects,health etc?


no, i eat nothing but junk and my baby is advanced and very healthy.

It’s sometimes hard in the first trimester to keep things down, but you’re doing an excellent job of at least trying to give your baby good stuff. It will be easier as you progress. I would suggest adding DHA (Omega3) to your diet which is important for brain development. This can be in the form of fish like Salmon, or in tablet form. Adding veggies will help against constipation. You should find one or two that you like to eat — such as green peas or broccoli — doesn’t have to be varied, but anything green is good. Make it something that you just pull out of the freezer, so it’s easy to cook and that will make it more likely that you’ll eat it!

try eating fish too (make sure to eat the one that are allow and not too much per week). . . fish are good for your baby’s brain development.

And I ate so much when I was pregnant with my son, that he was 10. 3lbs when he was born. But I couldn’t help it, I was starving 24/7.

Nutrition plays a HUGE part in how the baby develops, but if you are having morning sickness please try not to worry too much. A lot of women go through a period during their pregnancy where feeling sick keeps them from eating right. Your diet is OK right now but you really do need to get those veggies in and start taking a prenatal vitamin if you haven’t already. Talk to your doctor about your diet and ask him or her what you can improve on.

I would just say you need to eat more food in general. When a baby doesn’t get enough nutrition while in the womb it can cause brain damage. I would tell you to just eat more of what you already are and add more veggies and proteins. You didn’t mention any meat, which is very important to help you gain the weight you need to sustain the baby. If you still need help, consult your doctor or a nutritionist. Your doctor should be able to tell you what kind of diet you should have while you’re pregnant.

Make sure you get a milligram of folate every day. You can get those nutrients in a multivitamin for pregnant women, like natalins.

Nutrition is important, but you know that baby will take the nutrients out of your body, so it will prolly affect your health more than the baby.

Don’t worry so much, girl. You will have enough to worry about after the kid is born, and worry makes you crazy. Pop a vitamin and do your best. Don’t worry about it, you are fine.

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