Home Remedies for Yeast Infection in Women

Home Remedies for Yeast Infection in Women

Yeast is a fungus formally known as “Candida”. Yeast exists in our bodies, it lingers everywhere especially in the vagina.

Symptoms of yeast infections include burning, itching, thick milky discharge, soreness, and painful sex. Some reasons why women get it are pregnancy and other hormonal changes in the body, being on birth control pill, excessive sugar intake, taking antibiotics, wearing tight clothing, and douching. Women with pre-existing conditions like diabetes are also prone to this.

Over the counter creams and suppositories as well as prescriptions will treat it temporarily, however, chronic yeast infections needs to be addressed with dietary changes and restoring the natural balance in your body. Strong prescriptions can cause other side effects and may stop it for a period of time but your yeast infection will eventually come back.

If your infection is chronic and severe, then you may need to temporarily go on an extreme yeast starvation diet. this is done by eliminating anything with sugar such as alcohol, fruits and fruit juices, all starches including grains like rice, beans and legumes and anything with yeast in it like bread, and all refined foods. You are basically starving the yeast out of your system since yeast thrives on sugar. You are normally on a yeast starvation diet for a period of 10 days to 30 days. I go into details of candida diet and becoming free from this in another article.

You may have to go on a candida diet if you have experienced chronic yeast infections for a long time and other treatments are not working for you.

For temporary and occasional vaginal yeast infections, the following home and natural remedies have known to provide immediate relief, reduction, and elimination. Try to do this when you first notice signs.

1. Garlic – you can take it externally or internally (insert into the vagina). When inserting into the vagina, you can cut it half and insert with a string before you go to bed and then take it out in the morning. You can eat a clove of garlic by dicing it small and then swallowing with a whole glass of water. Garlic in general has so many therapeutic results as it kills bacteria and I use to take it even when I didn’t have yeast infection. However, taking it for prolonged periods of time made my sweat smell really bad. You can also take garlic in capsule form if you are not able to bear the taste of raw garlic. I recommend Kyolic garlic extract.

2. Probiotic – If you have been on antibiotics, your balance between good and bad bacteria has been compromised. You will be more prone to yeast infections and should take a probiotic to replenish the good bacteria in your gut. This is why yogurt is great but yogurt is not a strong enough probiotic so you should buy a good probiotic supplement. I like Sedona’s iFlora formula with 15 different strains.

3. Oregano and tea tree oil – Both are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and very effective in treating yeast infection. You can put 15 drops of the oil on a tampon and then leave it in for 2 hours.

4. MPI’s Thuja No. 22 – This powerful extract contains two antiviral plant medicines thuja occidentals and melaleuca alternifolia. It is prescribed by naturopathic doctors or you can buy another brand version online.

Remember to address your food diet first and eliminate as many foods that feed the yeast. With the help of dietary changes and the above natural remedies, you should be able to eliminate your yeast infection.

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