Dog Health Guide

Dog Health Guide

Are Pets Good for You?

The question of whether pets are good for you or not is an eternal debate that has raged for many years. The obvious benefit of animals and pets are very easy to see. Even in ancient times, man would gather dogs and domesticate them to protect families from wild animals and provide an early warning against predators. Dogs were originally domesticated to assist in hunting, but as time went by they became more of a domesticated animal serving mainly the purpose of company and friendship for mankind. In this role, dogs served mankind as defender, friend and companion throughout the years.

Cats were utilized at many points throughout history in the attempt to rid cities of the world of rats and other rodent infestations. This impact on mankind by animals was slow but surely becoming a symbiotic type relationship, where the pets would serve a function that was useful to the owner. Dogs served as guardians, cats served as pest control and other animals served their purpose. This absolute functionality of pets leads to the question of how good for your health is it to actually keep pets?

Doctors have speculated for years that pets keep their owners in high spirits simply by virtue of being there. Your pets are rarely unhappy or sad and can lift the mood of the user, keeping their spirits high. This elevated mood can lead to extended healthy life and feelings of positive reinforcement and happy emotions. This positive effect on the owner is often cited as a reason for users to keep pets as a way to improve their overall health and disposition. There are many positive health effects from owning pets and caring for them on a regular basis.

People with dogs who spend time walking or otherwise interacting with their dogs, generally lose weight or are considered to be effectively exercising in the day-to-day routine of walking and caring for the animals. This focus on fitness by walking dogs and generally interacting and playing with your animals on a regular basis can lead to extended good health throughout your life and it is good practice, supported by almost every doctor who has offered an opinion.

People with cats are less inclined to go for a walk with their animals, but more inclined to pet the animal as they lay upon their lap. This petting action, experts say, can relieve tension in the user and relieve high blood pressure as well. This extended petting action can lead to all types of good health results.

Keeping pets can be extremely good for your health, providing you interact with them on a regular basis.

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