Essential Aromatherapy Oils Make Great Gifts To Your Friends

Essential Aromatherapy Oils Make Great Gifts To Your Friends

Have you ever noticed that some scents seem to make you feel calmer or more energized? This is what Great Aromatherapy is all about. You find yourself always picking out the same ones because of the way they make you feel. That aromatic quality soothes your senses and brings you a sense of joy. What is this called? It is called aromatherapy and it is not new to humanity. It has been used for quite some time, to help the body recover from stress, an injury or a mental disorder that was affecting the person’s daily life.

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Aromatherapy is nothing new to us. It has been used for thousands of years to help heal the body and spirit. Treatment for different problems has always relied on different holistic medicine approaches. That approach is used in a body massage or body lotions and of course in essential oils for the body. Different scents are said to have different effects, such as lavender for calming and soothing.

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Our sense of smell drives us to influences our behavior. Think about a freshly made pumpkin pie. Now, if that image was reinforced by the smell of a pumpkin pie, then it will probably make you hungry for a slice. Our sense of smell plays a huge part in everything we do. Aromatherapy is about using pleasing scents to change your behavior and mood. If you think about it then consider your reaction to a foul smell.

Scientists and doctors are now embracing the fact that an aromatherapist can work wonders on a person’s psychological well-being. If the body is to be relaxed and free of tension, then the mind will follow. Perhaps these discoveries will help guide mental health professionals when dealing with individuals who are Bipolar or suffer from depression.

Aromatherapy is here to stay. Each time we breathe in and smell something that changes our mood or changes the body’s response to certain stimuli we are embracing the concept. Considering how long the practice has been used and how long mankind has responded to these scents. It is fairly certain that there will be continued use for a variety of treatments. Perhaps one day medical science will be able to reproduce those calming effects that lavender and vanilla have on the human body.