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Herbal Detox : Healthy Body Detox Guide

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How Effective Are Herbal Foot Detox Baths?

October 12, 2009 by admin Filed under Herbal Detox

Recently I’ve been very puffy like almost like I’m retaining water. I thought about taking a diuretic/water pill but someone suggested an herbal foot bath to draw out toxins would be more effective. Wondering how well they work & which might be one of the better ones to do. Thanks!! Also would doing it at home yourself be fine or would you suggest having a professional do it?

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What Is Better Detox Herbal Linen Wrap Or Enzymatic Sea Mud Wrap?

October 9, 2009 by admin Filed under Herbal Detox

Going to the spa. Which is better, the detox herbal linen wrap or the enzymatic sea mud wrap?

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Is Yogi Detox Herbal Tea Safe For Me To Give My Two Year Old Boy?

October 7, 2009 by admin Filed under Herbal Detox

My son is sick. He has a cold and I was wondering if I could give him some Yogi Detox Herbal Tea. It’s caffeine free and the only warning I see on it is that women shouldn’t drink it during pregnancy.

I went to their website and can’t find anything saying otherwise.

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Herbal Detox – Experience the Health Benefits of an Herbal Cleanse

October 7, 2009 by admin Filed under Herbal Detox

The idea behind herbal detoxification is to use all natural approaches to cleanse your interior systems. There are many potential benefits to this process including an increase in energy, vitality and a greater sense of well being. We are surrounded by toxins in the air we breathe, the food we eat and the water we drink. It becomes important for good health to ensure that these toxins do not build up excessively and start causing all kinds of health problems. A good herbal detoxification program will help to reduce the amounts of toxins in your system while replenishing nutrients into your body.

There are various forms of detoxification that target different areas of the body. The process generally involves taking pills or liquids that contain various herbs like milk thistle, red clover and licorice roots. Some other herbs involved include dandelion root which is great for cleaning the liver.

A colon cleanse is a great detoxification process that helps to eliminate toxins from the interior walls of the intestine. Many people have excessive food particles lodged in the walls of the colon and if these particles are not removed they can become rotten and as you can imagine cause a few complications. Thus getting rid of these particles and keeping the colon clear and moving well is very important to help to optimize your health. Getting a colonic from a doctor is also a good way to clear up the colon.

Other types of herbal detoxification programs can include a liver cleanse, kidney cleanse and there are even systems that can help to clean your blood. As with any program make sure you consult with a qualified medical professional before undertaking any of these programs.

A great way to cleanse your entire system is by going on a juice fast. This kind of liquid diet can help greatly to clear up the colon as well as introduce good quantities of nutrients back into your system. Also since juices are easily absorbed into our body there is very little stress being put on the digestive system. There is just too much pulp in fruits and vegetables thus you would get full too quickly which is why juicing is the best option.

Also keep in mind that no detoxification process is perfect and if you are living a lifestyle that is always introducing heavy amounts of toxins into your body then you may need to seriously evaluate your diet and exercise habits in order to remain healthy. Consuming greater quantities of fruits and vegetables is usually a great idea for most people. Focus on consuming more water rich foods, these are foods that are primarily composed of water such as fruits. However there is no need to deny yourself completely of any of your other favorite foods, just make an effort to reduce the quantities.

Another alternative to juice fasting is to purchase a cleansing kit from your local health food store. Just ask for a full body cleanse and you should be able to find a few that are of good quality. You can also find liver cleansing kits, lung cleansing kits and other more specialized kits however a full body cleanse is usually the ideal way to start.

To introduce more nutrients into your body it is useful to consume a whole food supplement such as a green drink. You can get sufficient nutrients from a whole food supplement whereas diet alone may not give your body enough.

Getting sufficient enzymes into your system is also important during an herbal detoxification program. Again consuming enough raw fruits and vegetables is the ideal way to get these enzymes as they are contained in the right proportions for our bodies to use effectively.

Taking part in a cleansing program is definitely a great idea for many people to consider and more importantly learning what is causing the toxins in the first place and trying to minimize them is the real solution to long term health and well being. Perform a cleansing program every three to six months but ultimately look at your lifestyle and look to live in a healthy manner each day.

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October 7, 2009 by admin Filed under Herbal Detox

While most articles are the same, it is very interesting to see how our readers are the most satisfied. I hope that you will be one of them. 

A lot of people have stopped smoking and drinking alcoholic beverage in an effort to cut down the level of toxins in their bodies. While this helps greatly (specially not smoking) that doesn’t mean that their bodies are clear of toxins. Click Here 

First of all, if you live in a big city, then you are breathing air that has smoke particles that come from the exhaust of cars and industries. 

Second, most of the water that we drink comes from treated sources, and sometimes there are still contamination particles in it. 

Third, the foods we eat in cities aren’t as fresh as the ones in the countryside. And a lot of times, chemicals are added to them, like colorants and preservatives. 

Fourth, when we stress, we add our own toxins to the mix. These are meant to stimulate our bodies for action, but since the activity never happens, then we just secret them and keep them. 

Because of this a whole lot of people have decided to go under detox programs or diets from once in a while to help them get rid of toxins in their bodies. 

Among these, herbal detox treatments are recently coming to fashion. They complement regular detox treatments of diets by adding organic teas or pills that will help cleanse our bodies. Because there are several organs involved in the detoxification process of our body, it’s important when taking a herbal detox treatment to ask what it is precisely what it does. 

The most important (albeit not the only one) organ in the body’s natural detoxification process is the liver. Its primary purpose is to break down toxic elements into simpler ones that can be eliminated from the body. An herbal detox treatment for the liver should aim at relief its workload. Common herbal detox ingredients include dandelion, liverwort, horsetail, parsley, birch leaves, black cohosh, gentian, goldenrod, chamomile, angelica, and of course, milk thistle. 

The kidneys are also important organs for getting rid of toxins. They filter toxins and waste that has been refined by the liver and eliminate it from our systems through urine. Again, there are herbal detox treatments that are aimed at improving their performance. Common herbal detox ingredients for the kidneys are juniper berries, cedar berries, and uva ursi. Dandelion and parsley help both the kidneys and the liver. 

Finally, the lungs also contribute to the elimination of carbon dioxide through respiration, and they must be included in any herbal detox treatment. Common herbal detox ingredients for the lungs are slippery elm, senega, and mullein. 

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A lot of people have stopped smoking and drinking alcohol in an effort to cut down the level of toxins in their bodies. For More Information Please go to http://www.detoxdiettip.info/Herbal-Detox.php

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